Fluiconnecto Colombia Successfully Renews Quality Certification

Colombia news 2024


Fluiconnecto Colombia is delighted to announce the successful renewal of our ISO 9001:2015 certification for the seventh time. This milestone demonstrates our unwavering commitment to delivering products and services of the utmost quality while meeting the diverse needs of our valued customers.

We take great pride in this achievement, which not only validates our adherence to stringent standards but also highlights our relentless pursuit of continual improvement. It is a testament to the collective efforts of our dedicated team, who consistently strive to uphold and enhance the reputation of our organization.

ISO 9001:2015 certifications help solidify Fluiconnecto Colombia’s proven track record to delivering quality services and products for specific market segment requirements.

Some of the relevant steps taken in order to achieve this certification includes:

1. Optimization of operations and cost reduction.

3. Satisfying the needs of more customers.

4. Building a more sustainable business.

5. Increasing the level of staff commitment.

6. Building effective alliances with stakeholders.

Fluiconnecto Colombia’s General Manager Mr. Velasquez commented, “We are very pleased to share the renewal of our ISO 9001 Certification.  It is a joy for us as it is the most recognized quality management standard worldwide. These achievements motivate us to continually improve and attain complementary certifications such as ISO 14000 and ISO 45000. Thanks to the entire Fluiconnecto team for being closely committed to achieving these certifications.”

Fluiconnecto Colombia serves a diverse range of customers and as an international service organization, we are committed to continuously improving our processes so that we continue to ‘Keep It Running’.