Fluiconnecto Finland – Centre of excellence in Water Hydraulics

With over 25 years of experience in Water Hydraulics, Fluiconnecto Finland has proven outstanding expertise in solving even the most challenging requests.

FLC Finland is recognised as the global centre of excellence in the world of Fluiconnecto for water hydraulics applications. Most solutions are customised to satisfy customer’s needs, all the way from the design stage to the manufacturing of the solution, installation and maintenance. These high-pressure water system span over many different potential applications:

  • High pressure cleaning (large systems for industrial processes and smaller washers for professional use) 
  • Pressure testing (customised systems) 
  • Misting (dust suppression, cooling, humidification) 
  • Water jet cutting (clean water cutting) 
  • Stainless steel cylinders and high-pressure pumps 

The list above only gives few examples of the most commons applications, but water hydraulics can be found in exotic and highly technical environments, from pool/floor systems to nuclear power plants.

«Our ultimate goal is not to replace the use of oil hydraulics systems, but to become environmentally friendly and to reduce contamination. In case of leakage or hose failure, water does not contaminate the environment or the products. For the paper industry or the food industry, this is vital. 
We can also reduce the risks of fire and lower the compressibility of fluid.
After more than 20 years in the industry, I can still see endless possibilities of using high pressure water technology. The diversity definitely motivates me and keeps me running every day!”
Harri Sairiala – Water Hydraulics Specialist, Fluiconnecto Finland

Do you have a challenging project for FLC Water Hydraulics Division? Contact us at: info@fluiconnecto.com

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