Fluiconnecto Fire Suppression Division Now Keeps It Running Together with Johnson Controls – Ansul

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Fluiconnecto is proud to announce our official partnership with Johnson Controls – Ansul.


As Fluiconnecto we pride ourselves with premier products and services. The quality of our offer to our customers is the core of our business and the foundation this company was built on.


Fluiconnecto Fire Suppression Division

We are extremely proud of this milestone as it enables us to provide our customers with the leading and internationally most recognized Fire Suppression System in the industry. At Fluiconnecto we take Fire Suppression seriously as this guarantees effortless site operations and keep production running continuously. Most importantly, it is an integral part of safety, we do not only protect our customers’ assets but most importantly the operators’ lives. It is extremely important for us to be in-line with OEM standards; therefore we invest a lot in our staff to receive regular training and refreshers to ensure that we are competent in our capacity; to install and maintain any Ansul Vehicle Fire Suppression System to the highest of standards. We have over 15 years of experience with the Ansul Vehicle Fire Suppression System within our group and now have trained and certified engineers across West Africa.


This is only the beginning of a well-established relationship with Johnson Controls which we wish to maintain and grow into a lifelong partnership. Our vision and commitment to the Ansul brand is to develop and expand this Division to other industries and applications to best service our global market as a complete on-site solution.


Please contact our dedicated team for any further information: fs.division@fluiconnecto.com