Fluiconnecto India Awarded the Milacron “Partner with Possibilities” – Cost Management

Fluiconnecto India Awarded the Milacron

Fluiconnecto India has been awarded by Milacron India for our special contributions towards achieving the company’s core values in the years of 2020 to 2022. This prestigious award is a representation of the cost structures that Fluiconnecto has in place to ensure purchasing is reduced where necessary.

Milacron hosts an ongoing event that invites customers and suppliers to meet annually and present the awards. The Strategic Partners Meet this year was held on the 14th of October 2022 at the Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) in Ahmedabad.

On behalf of Fluiconnecto India, this award was received by Mr. Prashant and Mr. Malhar.  Fluiconnecto India send their appreciation to all the team members that have put in the hard work to achieve this award.

A Milacron award is a token that is presented to show appreciation of hard work and dedication, and this is a recognition award that Fluiconnecto India has received for many years now. 

Milacron India is owned by Hillenbrand group and offers injection moulding machines that can deliver a 50 Ton to a 4000 Ton capacity.

Fluiconnecto India is a strategic partner of Milacron India and have been in partnership for the last 15 years. The strong relationship we have with Milacron is supported by cost reduction programmes and applicational projects on their OMEGA & HYDRON machineries.

“Milacron has always been one of our prestigious customers. Being a market leader in plastic injection molding in India, Milacron has been a front runner in bringing new technologies into their machines to support end customers, which has always put Fluiconnecto in a good spot to improve our product range. Our long relationship will further drive business growth and help both companies to meet customer expectations.”

Mr. Prashant, on behalf of Fluiconnecto India

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