Fluiconnecto India has successfully completed ISO 14001:2015 audit for implementing a new Environmental Managing System in Bangalore

We are proud to announce that Fluiconnecto India has implemented a new Environmental Managing System (EMS) for the manufacturing of hydraulics hose assemblies, tube assemblies and aggregates. Both facilities (fittings manufacturing and OEM assembly unit), fully comply to ISO 14001:2015.

“We are managing environmental responsibilities in a systematic way, keeping an intense focus on sustainability. This certification is not only a step forward, but a proof of alignment with the values of the company, by creating a safe reliable environment for our customers and employees. We deliver quality, and for this we are working to improve each day.” – Prashant S. Shanbhag – Deputy General Manager Fluiconnecto India
“Fluiconnecto India is a strategic Class A OEM site within the portfolio of global OEM sites of Fluiconnecto. The certification brings India sites in line with Fluiconnecto’s global standards and reflects its dedication and commitment to environmental responsibilities. Our motto is continuous improvement in every sphere of the business” Rajat Samal -  Managing Director Global OEM’s

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