Fluiconnecto India Receive Award at AJAX Vendor Meet

FLC India Ajax Vendor Meet

During the month of July 2023, our Fluiconnecto India team received an award for the ‘best supplier of hydraulic commodities’ throughout 2022 and 2023 at the AJAX Vendor Meet.

The vendor meet held in Bengaluru was a great opportunity for our team to mix with members of the AJAX Engineering group.

On behalf of the entire Fluiconnecto India team, Mr. Pradeep (Sales Manager – India) and Mr. Dilip (Sales & Marketing Manager - India) attended the AJAX Vendor Meet and received this award of excellence. This award was a reflection on the team’s commitment to AJAX Engineering, delivering on the promise that we are a comprehensive service for all hydraulic solutions.

This recognition of excellence was achieved from the joint efforts of various Fluiconnecto India departments to meet deadlines due to an increase in market demands. Productions ran overtime and specialized shifts were constructed to be able to achieve such deadlines. This award highlights the dedication our Fluiconnecto India team implements daily to surpass customer expectations and commit to ‘Keeping It Running’ across all markets.

Fluiconnecto India Sales Manager – Pradeep said, “this award represents the belief AJAX Engineering has in our team. To work alongside such a dynamic group, help them reach their goals, and build relationships is the reason we are so dedicated to delivering the best service possible. We look forward to seeing what the future holds and are excited to see this group grow alongside our own.”

Our commitment to AJAX Engineering and receiving this award is just another example of how We Keep It Running.