One of our main drives as Fluiconnecto is to get closer and closer to our customers. In order to timely satisfy their needs, we know we have to be conveniently located. With this in mind, Fluiconnecto has developed a reliable network of Hydroshops (fixed specialized service points), On-site Workshops (customized flexible solutions at the customer’s premises) and SOS Vans (fully equipped mobile workshops). Our network has been designed to serve our customers wherever they are, even in the most demanding environments and remote locations, right where they need us.

Following our strategic goal, to bring the manufacturers’ expertise at the customer doorstep, our wide range of stock and comprehensive services are available on 5 continents, including Africa.

To the date, Fluiconnecto is present in 12 countries in Africa, including our newest and first On-site Workshop in Senegal.

Fluiconnecto’s team installed an On-site Workshop in the area of Kédougou, customized to support a gold mining project.

With a team of six highly skilled and properly trained technicians, Fluiconnecto will ensure that customer’s operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Equipped with specialized Manuli Hydraulics hose assembly crimping machines, our On-site Workshop in Senegal is ready to provide crucial services that support the operations of mining equipment on site.


Solutions provided by our On-site Workshop:

  • Hydraulic hose crimping.
  • Full management of hydraulic hoses from customer’s fleet, from inspections to reporting, including our latest and innovative flui-ID hose management program.
  • Greasing and refueling systems inspections and component replacement.
  • Products tailored to local needs and requirements.

Fluiconnecto’s offer extends beyond the supply of just product. For example, at the customer’s request, we can quickly deploy fully equipped On-site Workshops at the most remote mining sites. With this featured service we are able to provide not only 24/7 product availability, but also preventive maintenance programs and a set of comprehensive services that ensure maximum uptime at the most competitive cost.

We are constantly expanding to make our high quality products and specialized services available to all market segments, in Senegal, in Africa and in the World. Through our network of Hydroshops, On-site Workshops and SOS Vans, we are looking to support our customers, wherever they are, at any time they need us, and help them to KEEP IT RUNNING.

What to know more about how we keep it running in Senegal or anywhere else ? Please contact: