Fluiconnecto keeps Vole au Vent running with the installation of 1.400+ hydraulic hose assemblies on board

Fluiconnecto Benelux serves customers through a complex network of Hydroshops, Service on Site Vans and Webshops, offering personalized solutions for the most challenging applications. We are proud to announce the completion of an important project, for customer Jan de Nul, which brought together specialists from both the Netherlands and Belgium to handle the request of board of Vole au Vent.

The Vole au Vent is an Jan de Nul offshore jack-up installation vessel that is used to safely install heavy foundations and components of offshore wind farms. This ship hoists itself above the water with 4 legs. In this way it can remain effective in a stable manner and without the influence of the waves.
The task was to replace 1400+ hose assemblies (with a total length of 5700+ meters) of all shapes and sizes from the 1500-ton crane. Several departments were involved in the project - from customer service colleagues that processed the data, to higher management and specialists that assembled and tested all hoses. For more than seven weeks, our team was on board of Vole au Vent, for measuring, disassembling of the old hoses and replacing everything with the new systems.

«It was a long process, successfully completed due to the dedication and involvement of our entire team. Being such an important project for the Benelux, we decided to record it and share it with the world. We are proud to have such a big achievement in our portfolio and we kindly invite you to check out the video and the way we work!” Ashley Present – Country Manager Fluiconnecto Belgium

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