On September 13, Fluiconnecto Middle East (FLC ME) held its annual Fluiconnection Day Middle East event at the Hilton Hotel in Sharjah. The entire FLC ME team participated: members from the United Arab Emirates, as well as colleagues from Oman and Qatar who joined for the occasion. Furthermore, our Fluiconnecto Group Managing Director, Mr. Philippe Desnos was invited as well, as the chief guest.

Fluiconnection Day is a concept developed by Fluiconnecto, with the aim of strengthening the relationship between colleagues and encouraging the exchange of experiences and ideas. On this occasion, the FLC ME team got together to discuss issues, opinions, and ideas on various important fields.

Every year, we bring our team together in order to strengthen our company as a unit. I am convinced that this year we have achieved this objective again. Our human resources are our most valuable asset, and I believe it is a priority to invest in them as individuals, as well as in teams. This year has been a special occasion because we had the opportunity to celebrate with our Managing Director, Mr. Desnos. His participation was very valuable and encouraging. As Fluiconnecto, locally and globally, we all agree that our goal is to support customers with a high level of service and quality products. During this type of event, we can unify our efforts and share comments to achieve that goal. As a result, we can continue to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction" Mr. Mohammad Irfan, Fluiconnecto Middle East General Manager

Prior to the official ceremony at the Hilton Hotel, participants gathered at the local Hydroshop in Dubai for the demonstration and inauguration of a test bench, designed by Mr. Harris Mohammed, Hydraulic Sales and Application Engineer.

The new fully operational test bench can test hoses up to 6" of 20 meters long and complies with API-7K certification requirements. The test bench can test UHP hoses up to 30K PSI, as well as low-pressure large bore industrial hose assemblies. Among the advantages of the test bench, we can mention its durability and lightness. Other features comprise portability, since it has been built with wheels, and can be easily disassembled and reassembled for transportation.

Moments after the demonstration, the inauguration of a new SOS Mobile Van was celebrated, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, performed by Mr. Desnos.

As part of the tradition during this day, a photo session was organized. All FLC ME employees gathered and took group photos to commemorate the occasion, as well as taking pictures with the entire fleet of SOS Mobile Van.

During the main event at the Hilton Hotel, top management gave several presentations, sharing information on current and new developments of products, services, and applications.

From the Global perspective, Mr. Desnos shared with the local team the Global Vision of the group, as well as future plans to continue providing support to customers with the quality service that characterizes Fluiconnecto.

"I greatly enjoyed the occasion and I was positively impressed by the high level of professionalism of our team in the Middle East. I was also amazed by the unity displayed by the team, this is a reflection of the great work that Mr. Mohammad Irfan has been doing as General Manager of the Middle East region. I am convinced that we will be able to conquer any future challenges, take Fluiconnecto Middle East to the next level and keep it running together as a Global Group". Mr. Philippe Desnos, Managing Director, Fluiconnecto Group

Before closing the event, Mr. Desnos and Mr. Irfan distributed special awards and certificates that acknowledged the efforts and achievements of remarkable team members from FLC ME.

The event concluded with a dinner and a vote of thanks from Mr. Mansoor Ali, human resources manager of FLC ME.

The event was considered a great success by the participants and the management team, with the development of stronger bonds, generation of solid knowledge and achievement of a clear vision for the company TO KEEP IT RUNNING.