Fluiconnecto Middle East Technicians Trained by Global Quality and Health & Safety Director

Middle East Training

In a strategic move towards continual improvement, our Fluiconnecto Middle East team recently concluded an intensive two-day training session on the Thursday 7th and Friday 8th of December 2023. The focus of the training encompassed vital areas such as hose assembling introduction, field inspection, and troubleshooting.

Guided by the expertise of Mr. Parente our Global Quality and Health & Safety Director, the certified technicians at Fluiconnecto Middle East underwent an interactive learning experience. This training initiative underlines Fluiconnecto's commitment to ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

The diverse group of attendees, consisting of hose technicians and technical staff, facilitated collaborative learning, fostering an environment of shared insights and practical knowledge exchange. This holistic approach to training ensures that our team members are not just technically proficient but also well-versed in the latest industry methodologies.

The hands-on experience gained during the session equips our hose technicians to confidently tackle challenges in the field, providing our clients with unparalleled service. This training initiative reflects our dedication to staying ahead of industry trends.

Fluiconnecto Middle East's technicians return to their roles with enhanced expertise, poised to deliver top-notch quality and safety. Our commitment to continuous improvement solidifies Fluiconnecto's position as a reliable partner for our clients seeking cutting-edge solutions in fluid transfer.

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