We are pleased to announce that Fluiconnecto recently launched a new Fire Suppression Division in North-West Africa to support customers directly On-Site with a complete solution to avoid the worst and keep their equipment running around-the-clock even in harsh environment & extreme temperature.

Fluiconnecto operates in 13 countries throughout Africa, managing 75 onsite workshops supporting various mining operations. For over 24 years, Fluiconnecto has been helping mines, mining contractors, drilling companies and mine support businesses reduce their operational costs, improve their equipment availability and increase their production, around the clock.

Whether on the surface or underground, Fluiconnecto New Fire Suppression Division is specialized in Mobile & Fix Asset Fire Suppression systems. We can further extinguish and prevent the spread of fire helping to avoid any mobile or fixed asset loss, reduce production down time and increase availability ensuring our customers of best standard in Fire Suppression service and supply. With vast experienced staff in the industry, the team launched this project with high confidence and a strong portfolio of suppliers.

Prepare for the worst.

Fluiconnecto offers a complete 24/7 Fire Suppression Service Package directly On-Site including:

  • Design & installation of new systems
  • Routine inspections every 250 hours or upon customer request
  • Mandatory scheduled services & re-certifications of existing FS system of our customer fleet
  • Permanent team of certified FS Technicians
  • Consigned stock of FS component & spares
  • Possibility to refill / recharge agent tank directly on site

Protect with the best.

Fluiconnecto is a premier supplier of the best Fire Suppression products solutions on the market:

  • Dry Chemical Foray Powder & Wet Chemical liquid Agent Systems with electronically actuated detection and activation systems;
  • Fully automatic fire suppression system electronically monitored – supervised power, detection release and communication circuits. Electronic and pneumatic activation for increased system reliability. Dry chemical, wet chemical and Twin Agent systems;
  • Muster – AS 5062-2016 Approved. AFFF Fire Suppression System with 24/7 system integrity monitoring, Muster 360 cloud-based software, system diagnostics capabilities, flexible heat detection capabilities;
  • Fluiconnecto can also offer Forman – (UNECE Regulation 107 Certified FSS), Wormald (AFFF) & DAB;

Why is Fire Suppression important?

  • The risk of a fire on a mobile mining equipment or fix plant is extremely high due to extreme temperature and harsh environment
  • Intense equipment usage increasing risk of wear and heat
  • Elements of a Fire triangle are always present:
  1. Heat (Turbo’s, manifold’s, transmission, brakes, electrical wiring)
  2. Fuel (diesel, hydraulic oil, engine oil)
  3. Oxygen
  • Fire Suppression’s purpose is to Detect and Suppress a Fire soon enough for the operator to safely exit the machine as well as preventing spread of fire
  • Fire Suppression is there to protect your assets
« We believe our proposal provides a complete solution answering the mining industry high requirements and standards that will culminate in highly successful results for our customer business. We are focused on providing high quality service & value, protecting client’s assets, ensuring operator’s safety, delivering results overt their expectations. We care about our customers and this new division is clearly in line with the values of Fluiconnecto. » Christo Oosthuizen – Fire Suppressing Division Manager

For more information on Fire Suppression solutions, please contact our dedicated team at: fs.team@fluiconnecto.com

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