Fluiconnecto South Africa introduces high quality Manuli solutions to customer in the mining sector facing extreme working conditions

Fluiconnecto South Africa successfully introduced Manuli Hydraulics’ FOREMASTER/42 and GOLDENARMOUR products to a customer working in the mining sector. 
The solution Fluiconnecto provided, focused on solving four major challenges the customer was facing during operations: 

  • Tensioned and exposed hoses with significant external damages
  • Excessive rock damaged hoses 
  • Insufficient protection of cab hoses which could result in a potential failure due to oil splashes
  • Friction of the steel against the rubber outer cover of hoses that could cause definite abrasion & premature failure

South Africa Case Study 1 

FOREMASTER - outstanding abrasion resistance and wide operating temperature range. Comprising four isobaric pressure ratings, the ForeMaster range offers long-lasting resistance to pressure impulse cycles (according to ISO 18752 Grade C), whilst simultaneously providing some of the highest impact and abrasion resistance available for a rubber-covered hose on the market today.
Check out the ForeMaster Hose Range brochurehere.

South Africa Case 2

GOLDENARMOUR has a highly robust structure, a stainless-steel armour cover with long lasting resistance. It can better protect the equipment and the operator in an environment with high external damages.

South Africa Case 3

As additional protection elements, our Fluiconnecto specialists decided to install 

  • TEXSLEEVE – a highly adaptable protective sleeve, providing strength, higher impact, and abrasion resistance 
  • SHRINK SLEEVE – an adhesive thick wall heat shrinking tube, ensuring maximum reliability for insulating and sealing electrical connections, Hydraulic connections, Burst sleeve anchoring & termination ends

South Africa Case 4 South Africa Case 6

“With four products only, we were able to ensure better protection to external factors, but most important better protection to those working with and around the equipment. We always put people first and we are glad to find customers who do the same. In our field of work, failures can be fatal, so we took this project seriously in providing the best suitable solutions.” Ryan Staal, General Manager Fluiconnecto South Africa

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