Fluiconnecto University – team training in Ivory Coast

The Fluiconnecto Team Ivory Coast, participated in a five days training prepared by trainers of Fluiconnecto University, from 9th to 13th of March 2020.

Fluiconnecto Specialists from Ivory Coast received a five days advanced hydraulic training in Abidjan Hydroshop, from David Guedon – FLC France Technical service & FLC University Trainer.
The session had an intense focus on new Manuli products, identification, selection depending application, correct use as well good practices for assembling of the hoses, installation, hose routine check, inspections, failure identification & trouble shouting as well as hose replacement  program in a preventive maintenance approach.

The 12 participants coming from our five different service points of Ivory Coast (Abidjan, Tongon, Ity, Tafere and Agbaou) had the chance to participate both in theoretical and practical training sessions, but also went through tests to prove the knowledge gained. 

Or customer SEA-invest CI, provided us with equipment and allowed us to carry out exercises in their workshops, for a better understanding of practical exercises and inspection applications. 

This training was crowned with success and ended in a warm atmosphere. All the Fluiconnecto hose technicians have successfully passed their exams and graduated.

We would like to thank our team in Africa for the serious approach towards training!


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