After a thorough analysis of the business, Manuli Rubber Industries Group has taken the strategic decision to transfer the management of the OEM Business Unit, from the Manuli Hydraulics Division to the Fluiconnecto Division. 

During November 2017, the OEM Division began operating under Fluiconnecto Holdings B.V. 

This necessary reallocation will enable us to better meet our customers’ needs in the OEM business. In the future, customers will access all the benefits Fluiconnecto can provide, the experience will no longer be limited to the manufacturer’s product offerings, furthermore, as a service company Fluiconnecto is better suited to provide the technical assistance and the sophisticated logistics that this market expects.

Among the services provided by Fluiconnecto OEM Division, we can mention: port to port engineering design, pre-sales and post-sales technical assistance, engineering problem solving, assembling processes expertise and innovation, and high level logistics (including through IOT), among many others.

Taking into account the special requirements and specific needs of large global OEM customers, this Business Unit will be managed separately from the existing Fluiconnecto retail network.