How It's Done: Fluiconnecto on RTL Z Television Broadcast

RTLZ Television Broadcast

In the month of November, Fluiconnecto aired its very own television broadcast on RTL Z in the Netherlands.

The video “How it's Done” demonstrates how the Fluiconnecto team proactively work towards providing rapid response and repairs in the event a hydraulic malfunction occurs.

The broadcast highlights the streamlined process that is our Fluiconnecto service from start to finish

The video begins with the initial call that is made to our team at the time of machine malfunction. Secondly, the mobile response unit is deployed.

Next, the service technician arrives on-site with his fully equipped Service On-Site Van direct to the customer's location.  

To finish this end-to-end service after the Fluiconnecto team carry out the repair, the machine is back up and running ready to continue its task!

The broadcast launch on RTL Z was launched on Saturday, 12th November 12, 2022, and continues to air throughout the week.

Make sure to tune in and check out the upcoming broadcasts!

This is How We Keep It Running.