How Fluiconnecto Finland supported Paroc’s production factory for a healthier and cleaner work environment with a Water Mist Suppressing System.


On May 2017, Paroc Oy contacted Fluiconnecto Water Hydraulics Division in Finland. They needed a solution for the issues they were facing at their rock wool production factory regarding dust pollution.

To address the problem, after conducting a thorough inspection of their facilities, Fluiconnecto Finland proposed the design and installation of a customized dust suppression system, based on high-pressure water mist. The complete scope of the project covered the analysis, risk assessment, design, manufacture, and installation of the system.

“When Paroc came to us with the challenge we were very enthusiastic to support them with our engineering solutions. The misting system that Fluiconnecto Finland developed for this kind of industrial application covered a wide scope of delivery. Since our solutions are flexible and tailored made, we were confident that we were going to be able to provide what the customer required” says Harri Sairiala, Sales Engineer from FLC Finland and project leader for this delivery.

For the manufacture of insulation wool from rock, rocks are handled with vibrating conveyors while fed into the process. The vibrations and the rocks falling into the silo create big quantities of dust, which consequently spreads all around the factory.

The dust becomes a significant problem during summer time when the rocks are dry and warm.

The airborne dust spreading from the rocks is a health hazard for personnel and makes the whole factory dirty. Prolonged exposure to airborne dust can cause silicosis in employees and affects the operation and service life of machinery situated around the processes.

The customer’s main requirement was to use as little water as possible because the rock should not get wet with too much water. Using an incorrect amount of water spray can result in the loss of material. But, on the other hand, using too little water would result in inefficient control of the dust spread.

The customized high-pressure misting system from Fluiconnecto Water Hydraulics Division can effectively reduce the dust created by the moving and handling of the rocks. The system sprays fine water mist in key parts of the process during operations, achieving the right mix of moisture with dust particles. This operation does not only minimizes the spread but also, it suppresses the generation of dust, saving time, energy and water throughout the process.

High-pressure water mist systems are always designed according to customer’s specific needs. However, there are usually five basic components commonly found in the engineering of a high-pressure misting system: Pump Units, Control systems, Nozzles, Hoses and Connectors, and Accessories. What varies is the type and amount of components employed, which depend on the requirements of the customer and the purpose of the system. What doesn’t vary is the quality of the components, of course. Fluiconnecto always uses components from high-quality suppliers.

On December 2017 the installation and commissioning of the system for Paroc were completed and since then it has been in use at the customer’s factory.



The right mixture of moisture with dust particles: Fluiconnecto’s high-pressure water mist nozzles create very small water droplets which effectively bond with the dust particle and brings it down, allowing for:

  • A healthier work environment for employees: With the prevention of dust becoming airborne, the operations are notably cleaner and employees don’t need to worry anymore about air pollution.
  • Increased lifetime of machinery: In the long term, the results will also be visible in the operations of the machines situated around the system, with a longer service life.
  • Minimized water and energy consumption: By avoiding unnecessary moisture in the rock later in the process and allowing a minimum use of fresh water.



Given the wide range of applications these systems can be used for and the substantial advantages they bring to customers, Fluiconnecto Water Hydraulics Division is looking forward to promoting misting systems for customers all around the worlds, where Fluiconnecto has a presence.

“We have a strong feeling about this area for business development all over the world, especially in countries where there is a big potential on cooling applications and the minimized consumption of water and energy are a priority. We are currently already having discussions on further projects in Finland about similar products and we are looking forward to providing in more countries as well”, says Harri enthusiastically on the future plans for this application.

For more information about Hydraulic Dust Suppressing System and High-pressure Water Mist, contact your Fluiconnecto representative.