Warrendale, PA - Manuli Hydraulics (Americas) Inc. has been chosen to supply Hydraulic Hose Assemblies to John Deere’s operation in Dubuque, Iowa. Manuli Hydraulics (Americas) Inc. is a supplier of fluid conveyance solutions, components and associated equipment for high-pressure hydraulics, based in Warrendale, Pennsylvania.

"We’re delighted to begin this supplier relationship with John Deere which plays to the strengths and aspirations of both companies. Here at Manuli we take pride in our position as innovators within the field of Hydraulics and it is this approach which has kept us at the forefront of the heavy duty, high demand systems required by John Deere to ensure their construction equipment, can meet the performance and reliability demands their customers have come to expect,” said Ryan Turner, General Manager for Manuli Hydraulics, North America.

Manuli Hydraulics US team


About Manuli Hydraulics

Manuli Hydraulics is focused on achieving excellence in the design, manufacture and supply of fluid conveyance solutions, components and associated equipment for high-pressure hydraulics, refrigeration and oil and marine applications. Manuli Hydraulics has over 2,000 employees, with manufacturing facilities located throughout the world. The global sales and marketing headquarters are located in Manchester, United Kingdom.


About Our OEM Network

Our dedicated manufacturing, commercial and logistics network has been designed to meet OEM customers’ specific requirements globally.

The production of hose assemblies and kits takes place in dedicated OEM facilities in Europe and East Asia as well as in OEM Alliance partner facilities in the Americas.

Fluiconnecto OEM Business Unit serves OEM customers from all around the world, from our assembly and service facilities in the UK, France, Czech Republic, India and South Korea. In the Americas and China, OEM customers are served by OEM Alliance partners and Manuli Hydraulics locations.

The services we provide to major OEM customers include port2port creative engineering design, pre-sales and after-sales technical assistance, engineering problem solving, expertize and innovation in assembly processes, high-level logistics (including through IOT) and many others.


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