Fluiconnecto is globally known as an international company with a strong global network, offering tailored solutions for local needs in several fields, where high-pressure hoses and fluid connectors are employed.

As part from Manuli Rubber Industries Group (MRI), Fluiconnecto follows a growth strategic approach, always looking to improve the service’s quality and satisfy customer’s needs around the world.

Although Fluiconnecto’s quest is to constantly expand to be closer to customers and serve them wherever they are, whenever they need it, as part from a bigger group, it is possible to understand if a different approach is more appropriate. Therefore, we would like to communicate that Fluiconnecto has stopped directly serving in China, Hungary and Estonia. However, these countries are and will still be served by Fluiconnecto’s sister company: Manuli Hydraulics. Customers can expect to have the same level of quality service, that characterizes all MRI Companies.

In the future, Fluiconnecto plans to keep its growing strategy, and expand into further regions and markets, such as our latest operations open in Senegal and more to come. With the support from Manuli Hydraulics, together as part from MRI we work hard to guarantee worldwide availability of our products and services.


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