New Location In France

Fluiconnecto New Site Le Bignon France

Fluiconnecto invite you to watch a short clip of our new location in France!

In 2022 Fluiconnecto France saw a fantastic opportunity to grow and transform and that’s what we did! Our French Head Office was relocated to Le Bignon in Western France which is about 20 kilometres from our previous Western France location .

A new location in France means our clients will receive a more developed and refined service to showcase how We Keep It Running. This new facility is a faultless representation of who we are, what we do, and why it is important to elect Fluiconnecto as your trusted service partner.

Everything at our new France location has been designed for the benefit of our employees and clients alike. A modern, responsive, and efficient site, fitted with new assembly lines and warehouse operations means we are able to expand our operations throughout Europe and continue to deliver the greatest service - our goal that we work endlessly to achieve globally.

This new location reflects the dynamism of Fluiconnecto and is just another example of how We Keep It Running!


7 chemin des Fontenelles
CS 90266 44140 LE BIGNON

P: 02 40 93 57 99

F: 02 40 93 69 56