Our Netherlands Team ‘Keep It Running’ at the NN Marathon Rotterdam

Fluiconnecto Netherlands Marathon Rotterdam

Our Fluiconnecto Netherlands Team participated in the 42nd edition of the NN Marathon Rotterdam on Sunday April 16th, 2023. Managing Director Matteo, and team members Alesja, Silambarasan, Irene, and Shan all participated and completed the marathon. This event is an enduring 42km circuit and is the largest marathon in the Netherlands. The course of the NN Marathon Rotterdam is known as one of the fastest in the world where no fewer than three world records have been set.

Team members Alesja and Shan completed the 4.2km circuit in 28 minutes. Matteo, Irene, Silambarasan completed the 10km circuit and finished with outstanding times – Irene (59 minutes), Matteo (45 minutes), Silambarasan (1 hour and 15 minutes). A fantastic effort and great work to our team for their dedication to ‘Keeping It Running’.

Alesja, our Netherlands Office Manager said, “it was an amazing feeling to be part of something as big and world famous as the NN Rotterdam Marathon. This was an incredible event with amazing colleagues of Fluiconnecto. This is what Fluiconnecto team does - We Keep It Running and support each other, never leave any one behind. Incredible atmosphere and fun experience.”

The team certainly supported and encouraged one another so much so that Shan, our Global Purchaser said it was thanks to co-workers that motivated her to participate and now recapping on the event mentioned, “wow, what an experience. It was my first time but definitely not the last!”

Irene, our Commercial Controller said “participating in the 1/4 marathon in Rotterdam was a real energy boost. Running for me is a moment of meditation, to be aware of the thoughts that go through my head, to feel the tiredness in my body and at the same time to say, come on, you can do it! To see the other people who are running, to feel supported, to feel how people are cheering and to smile because I know that I am going to reach the finish line. To be able to share this with my colleagues has been a great experience. Keep It Running!”

Just another example of how We Keep It Running!