From November 13 to 15, the Port2Port Creative Engineering event took place in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where our Fluiconnecto headquarters are located.

Among the guests, colleagues of all Fluiconnecto OEM units joined, as well as members of FLC Retail and Manuli Hydraulics, who also work closely with OEM customers. The event and the sessions were led by Mr. Philippe Desnos, our Group Managing, and Mr. Brian Lavery, FLC OEM Sales Director.

“The Port2Port Creative Engineering event was a workspace where the management team of Fluiconnecto OEM Division had the opportunity to meet, interact, brainstorm, exchange best practices and define guidelines for future successful business models. The result was an appropriate strategy, designed to achieve the objectives of our company, focused on exceeding the expectations of our customers. As an international service organization focused on high-pressure hoses and fluid connectors, we have the capacity to empower our growing global network to provide customers with high-quality products and services” Philippe Desnos, Managing Director Fluiconnecto Group.

The various topics covered throughout the two and a half days sessions were designed around the port-to-port business concept (and beyond). During the conference, several important topics were covered. This included an in-depth analysis and review of our capabilities, wide product offer, dedicated services and markets and environments we serve. Similarly, other valuable materials were presented, including strategic products and services.

One of the most valuable activities during the event was a workshop session in which all the guests exchanged ideas, identified the best practices and defined strategies to implement worldwide. These strategies will support Fluiconnecto in its quest to meet and exceed customer expectations on a global scale.



The OEM division of Fluiconnecto is dedicated to serving customers who work in the OEM sector. Among the services we provide, we can mention port-to-port creative engineering design, pre-sales and after-sales technical assistance, engineering problem solving, expertize and innovation in assembly processes, high-level logistics (including through IOT) and many others.

Fluiconnecto has developed the concept of port-to-port creative engineering with the purpose of being more precise in taking care of the needs of our customers.

Port-to-port begins with the identification of the challenges that customers face in their daily operations and the understanding of their requirements for the production of high-performance equipment. With this knowledge, Fluiconnecto can design an adequate and complete offer of products and services.

The result of working with port-to-port solutions is a combination of improvement in quality, service life, performance and even delivery times. By working with a reliable partner capable of delivering all components related to the hydraulic system, the manufacturing activities for customers become easier and the process is more efficient.