Fluiconnecto Netherlands is a member of IRO, the association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry and Offshore Renewable Industry.

IRO has recently released its IRO Corporate Industry film, where is possible to see how Dutch companies such as Fluiconnecto work together in the Oil & Gas and Renewables industry.

Take a look at the video here to learn more about how we keep it running in The Netherlands.



Fluiconnecto feature offer for Oil & Gas applications and Renewable Energy applications:



With Preventive Maintenance and Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Fluiconnecto enables you to reduce downtime and hit your daily targets. Our professional hose management program has been carefully designed to optimize the availability of customer’s hydraulic and industrial hose assemblies, leverage their key resources and minimize the possibilities of unexpected failures.

Learn about the six steps to accomplish a professional hose management program and the 6 essential components that support it.



Our wide product range includes all necessary high-pressure hydraulic hoses for hydraulic applications, Industrial hoses for low-pressure material transfer and more than 10.000 different types of connections and accessories.

Additionally, for drilling oil and gas applications Fluiconnecto offers the complete line of hoses: rotary hoses, choke & kill, blow out preventer hoses, cementing hoses, wireline grease hoses, motion compensator hoses. Our dedicated drilling line complies with all relevant industry specifications and we have achieved API 7K and API Q1 certifications for our assembly lines as well.



Fluiconnecto has developed a widely spread service network to support customers where they need us when they need us. For offshore and onshore Oil & Gas applications, as well as for renewable Energy applications, Fluiconnecto counts with Hydroshops and SOS Vans.

Fluiconnecto Hydroshops are specialized service points, open to the public and strategically located to be closer to our customers. At our Hydroshops, customers can easily place and collect their orders, as well as make use of our wide range of professional services: from hose assemblies to the maintenance of hydraulic lines.

In the Netherlands only Fluiconnecto counts with 15 Hydroshops distributed around the country, while on a global scale we count with over 155 Hydroshops dedicated to serving customers, offering high-quality products and integrated services. For support that needs to be performed on the customer’s premises, such as maintenance activities on a rig or hose replacements for a wind turbine, Fluiconnecto has Service On-site Vans.

Fluiconnecto’s Service On-site Vans are mobile workshops fully equipped to solve any hydraulic problem, wherever and whenever they occur. In The Netherlands and around the world, customers from the Oil and Gas sector, from the Renewable Energy sector, and from any other market that we serve, can count with Fluiconnecto as their trusted partner because they know we are determined to KEEP IT RUNNING.


Learn more about our offer for Oil And Gas Applications and for Renewable Energy Applications or contact your local Fluiconnecto representative!