Training session with Hyundai SPD team in INDIA to increase awareness on handling and storage of hoses

On 20th of September 2019, the Fluiconnecto OEM Team India together with customer Hyundai, organised an interactive training session for the SPD Team.
The event took place in Hyundai’s Pune plant and brought together approximately 20 participants, interested in improving the quality of their work. The focus of this meeting was to build more awareness towards handling and storage of hoses.

FLC Hyunday training moment 2

FLC Team represented by Mr. Rajeev Prasad (Dy. Manager Application), Mr. Sumeet Narang (Area Sale Manager), lead participants through the following topics:

  • Overview on hose construction.
  • How to read the manufacturing code on Manuli hose as well as on assembly.
  • Guideline for hose storage and service life.
  • Explain hose MBR.

The experience generated great feedback from the Hyundai team and interest in approaching other subjects of interest in the near future.

FLC Hyunday Team