Very good results for Fluiconnecto Colombia with their Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021

SIM 2021

Every year, Fluiconnecto Colombia contacts customers to evaluate their satisfaction with the services provided. This activity has the purpose to gather valuable information for the team to know more about how to meet and exceed their customer’s needs and expectations.

For the 2021 Survey, the team in Colombia reached a customer base representing 75% of the purchases made between 2020 and 2021.

In addition to measuring satisfaction levels, the survey evaluates the level of recommendation known as NPS (acronym for: Net Promoter Score). This indicator measures how likely is a costumer to recommend us. At the same time, this reveals how much loyalty we have established from clients towards the company. The higher the probability of recommendation, the greater the customer loyalty achieved.

Through the answers to the question “how likely are you to recommend Fluiconnecto?”, the study classifies customers into three groups: promoters, neutrals and detractors. Then, the indicator is obtained by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. If the result is a positive number (i.e. 20%), it is considered a good result. If the NPS result is higher than 50%, it is considered excellent.

For the FLC Colombia Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021 the results are very encouraging. We have achieved a notable improvement in the satisfaction and recommendation levels of costumers. The survey reported an increase of almost double in comparison to 2020, from 30% NPS to 59% NPS in 2021.

In general terms, customers reported to be satisfied and willing to recommend our company, especially when referring to our Hydroshops in Barranquilla and Cartagena. The classification obtained in a scale of 0 to 10 (from 0 = Unwilling to 10 = Very Willing), the average result was 8, while 70% of the surveyed customers classified FLC Colombia with 9-10 points.

Customers provided several positive aspects of the company as well as valuable feedback on important topics to keep on improving. All suggestions were carefully collected and compiled to be shared with the local teams to keep on improving the services provided.

An interesting insight were the comments from costumers regarding how much they value our knowledge sharing, with training programs and technical information shared. This encourages us to keep on developing training programs that include our customers and work together when it comes to keep their operations running.

The team in FLC Colombia is very proud of these results and is looking forward to continue offering added value to customers with high-quality products and dedicated services.


 “This result encourages us to continue with the development of the process aimed at establishing a customer-centred culture. This achievement is of great value because it takes place within a period affected by the issue of the coronavirus pandemic, the national strike, permanent roadblocks, and restrictions related to the availability of high-turnover products. In addition, our core business related to coal mining is affected by external agents, including definitive closures of some mining centers. Faced with this uncertain outlook, we quickly turn to new sectors of the economy to gain presence and conquer new and relevant clients. To date, the result has been truly outstanding because this awakened our creativity to offer each client alternative solutions aimed at providing timely and reliable solutions. We hope to maintain this dynamic over the next few years to build a solid and growing company with the active participation of all employees to whom we thank for this great commitment” Orlando Velasquez  - General Manager Fluiconnecto Colombia