It is a well-known fact that energy generated through wind power is cleaner, cheaper and more sustainable than most fuel sources.

Fluiconnecto has developed a complete offer for the Wind Energy sector, composed of specialized products, services, knowledge, and experience. Our aim is to support our customers in every step of their operations and accomplish:

  • Less environmental impact.
  • Solid economic benefits.
  • Employment of renewable resources.
  • Increase in awareness of clean and sustainable sources of energy.
  • Depletion in the use of natural resources as an alternative to other non-renewable sources of energy.

Fluiconnecto is committed to delivering innovative and environmentally safe solutions, with the aim to position ourselves alongside our customers at the forefront of future developments and technology.

Fluiconnecto's offer includes solutions for off-shore and on-shore wind energy turbines. Distance and timing are not a challenge since our products and services are made available at the customer’s doorstep, through an ever-growing network of Hydroshops, On-site Workshops and on-site Vans.



Fluiconnecto is equipped to provide customers with reliable components as well as installation and maintenance services. Our solutions are designed to support our customer’s operations in the highly demanding application of Wind Power Generation.

Additionally, our drive and control systems are trusted and tested in industrial hydraulic applications, where continuous operation in harsh environments is a standard requirement.

Fluiconnecto’s solutions for the sector include:


  • 24/7 availability with our SOS Vans
  • Door-2-door delivery
  • Innovative flui-ID Hose Management Program


  • Cylinders and Actuators
  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • Stainless Steel Fittings and Rigid Pipes
  • Bite-ring Fittings
  • Valves
  • Filters
  • Hydraulic Power Units

Application Knowledge and Experience:

Fluiconnecto hose inspectors are certified by Manuli Hydraulics, for the management and replacement of hydraulic hose assemblies. With several years of experience in the field, Fluiconnecto can assure its customers that their hose assemblies are in good hands.


To learn more about how Fluiconnecto supports you to keep your wind turbines running take a look at our flui-Infographic below:


fluinfographic wind farms

contact your local Fluiconnecto representative to learn more about our solutions for Wind Energy Applications