Ring.Safe: Our Premium Range of DIN 24° Bite Ring Fittings and Adaptors is Now Available

Ring Safe Din 24 Degrees

Designed to connect rigid hydraulic tubes in a simple, safe and robust way, 24° hydraulic tube connectors are one of the most popular types in the market today. Our decades of experience in the hydraulics field allows us to provide state-of-the-art, port-to-port solutions for hydraulic rigid-tube connectors, including our unique cutting rings.



Resistant to vibrations and pressure impulse surges, Fluiconnecto 24° tube connector RSB is the basic product line with metal cutting ring.

Through the combination of proven dual edge ring design, this product is the perfect solution wherever maximum leak-proofing is required.

  • Available in superlight (LL) series, Light (L) series and Heavy (S) series.
  • Rings for LL series are single-cut edge, rings for L and S series are double-cut edge.
  • Adaptors equipped with RSB rings allows reliable and simple connection of rigid tubes in a wide variety of configurations, working pressures and sizes.
  • Working pressures of L and S series exceeds the ones from ISO8434-1 and DIN 2353 standards in most of the sizes.
  • Combined endurance and vibration test resistance on ALL SIZES complying with both ISO8434-1 and DNVGL-CP-0185.
  • DNV type approval released vs CP-0185 specification.
  • Corrosion resistance. Superior surface protection thanks to the ZnNi surface coating that provides extended corrosion resistance. Over 1000h resistance to red corrosion.



Designed especially for the more demanding applications, the Ring.Safe soft seal cutting ring range offers all the benefits of a traditional metal cutting ring, but with the addition of soft sealing rings and a mechanical stop to prevent over-tightening. Resistant in cold environments and for cold-starts situations, Ring.Safe Soft is a premium product, designed for sealing and protecting against contamination.

Through the combination of proven dual edge ring design and additional soft-sealing elements, the product is the perfect solution wherever maximum leak-proofing is required. The design includes two additional sealing elements:

1- NBR based o-ring on the tube side to prevent moisture and contamination ingress below the ring.

2- PU shaped gasket on the outside to improved sealing, in particular during cold start of the low pressure phases of the hydraulic system.

  • Service temperature up to 121°C.
  • Supports the prevention of leakages & the introduction of contaminants in the critical coupled area.
  • Adds an additional sealing level: metal-to-metal & metal to elastomer
  • Designed to favour optimized positioning during pre-crimping phase.
  • Material thermally treated to control the deformation of the ring and optimize its biting force.
  • Option to get FKM/FPM seals (-25°C to +200°C) instead of the standard NBR seal.
  •  Operating temperature range from - 40°C to +120°C



Modern hydraulics applications require robust fluid connector solutions with assured long-lasting performance. To that end, Fluiconnecto’s 24° tube connectors range offers a comprehensive range of fittings, components and accessories, all designed to work seamlessly together. Simply add a suitable high-quality tube to create a robust, long-lasting connection.

Fluiconnecto’s 24° tube connectors offer a wide and diverse range of union types, sizes and configurations, including a selection of 37° flared tube connectors for 24° DIN bodies. Whatever the requirement, Fluiconnecto has it covered.



Fluiconnecto’s 24° tube connectors are also designed to ensure both system and user safety, both during assembly and in operation. In collaboration with the Manuli Hydraulics Innovation Centre, Fluiconnecto has carried out exhaustive testing and validation to ensure that every fitting and component meets the high standards expected of a Fluiconnecto product.



Outstanding performances integrated and aligned with Fluiconnecto hose fittings range.

Extensively field validated product.




For more information about our range of Ring.Safe - DIN 24° Bite Ring Fittings And Adaptors, contact your local Fluiconnecto representative